Thank you for your interest in donating to the
Community Foundation for a greater Richmond.

To donate directly to the Foundation, contributions can be made to any of the Funds on this page. To donate to a different Fund at the Foundation, please use the search bar below or select "show all funds list" to see all available funds. Click here for other giving options. Please note that the required minimum donation is $25.00. If you have questions, please contact us at (804) 409-5637 or by email:

Donate To A Fund

Donate Community Impact Fund
This unrestricted fund provides a way for fund advisors to join the Community Foundation in addressing the emergent and complex issues impacting the Richmond region each year. Your contribution will help the Foundation make larger, more impactful grants through its annual community grants process.
Donate Amandla Fund for Economic and Racial Justice

Add your voice – and your donation – to the movement to strengthen the Black community and, in so doing, help to create a more equitable world for all.

Donate Fund for Affordable Housing
You can help support the creation of affordable housing that gives stability and peace of mind to the elderly, veterans and other neighbors of low to modest income.
Donate Fund for Community Vibrancy
Add your support to efforts to provide a vibrant spectrum of arts and cultural activities in schools and throughout the community – to enable all to learn from the stories of the past and celebrate the diversity of cultures we enjoy today.
Donate Fund for Economic Prosperity
Join the effort to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and empower individuals and families in historically underserved communities by delivering educational, vocational and quality-of-life opportunities that make a difference.
Donate Fund for Educational Success
Help us provide the support students across the educational spectrum need to succeed in school, contribute to their communities, and achieve success in their chosen field of endeavor.
Donate Fund for Health and Wellness
With your help, we can continue to provide programs that help people of all ages, across our entire community, live safe, healthy, more fulfilling lives.
Donate Fund for Entrepreneurial Growth
Join us to strengthen, expand and diversify the region's entrepreneurial community and introduce entrepreneurship to public school students, so more individuals can envision, start and grow businesses of their own.
Donate Conserve the Future Fund
Help conserve the natural resources that make the greater Richmond region so special: Enhance efforts to sustain and protect the environment for generations to come.
Donate Fund for Gloucester
Your donation supports the general charitable activities of the Gloucester Community Foundation and allows the Advisory Board of GCF to respond to unexpected needs in Gloucester County.
Donate Fund for Mathews
Your donation supports the general charitable activities of the Mathews Community Foundation and allows the Advisory Board of MCF to respond to unexpected needs in Mathews County.
Donate Fund for River Counties

If you would like to support those displaced by the Kilmarnock fire, please note "Kilmarnock Fire Relief" in the Donation Purpose section.

Your donation supports River Counties Community Foundation and allows the Advisory Board of RCCF to respond to unexpected needs in Lancaster, Middlesex, and Northumberland Counties.

Special project
Donate Smart Beginnings
Smart Beginnings brings together, through a collaborative effort, hundreds of local direct human services providers, government leaders, the faith, academic and business community, and concerned citizens to build a more cohesive, sustainable and high quality early childhood system for our region.
Other Funds